Spatterdash | Vintage Spats for a 21st Century World

Why spats? I have always believed that the tradition of fine men's tailoring should be protected and cherished. My grandfather was an Italian tailor working in New York City in the early 1900s. The photos of him at his basting table have always been an inspiration to me. Spats were the essential accessory to denote a gentleman in his time, and I believe that gentleman's attire is still important today—perhaps even more important in our increasingly casual world.

Spatterdash celebrates a quarter century of American and European history renowned for Boulevard style, high-class dressing, and sartorial distinction—1900-1925. Although fashion evolved dramatically with the independent spirit, divergent attitudes, and societal influences of the “new millennium”, the pursuit of style—in dress and in living—remained. Attention to detail was the signature of style-savvy society.

During my grandfather's lifetime, and especially from 1900-1925, accessories played a major role in defining the many faces of elegant society. The tasteful use of accessories denoted a gentleman’s understanding of social grace and attire. Although menswear offered a wide array of stylish options, one accessory, in particular, indelibly marked the elegance of this era—a gentleman’s spats. Although spats originated in England as a functional accessory against rain and mud, knee-high “spatterdashes” evolved into the ankle spat ... the essential accessory to accompany formal daywear and eveningwear through the 1920s.

I hope to recapture a bit of this timeless elegance for the gentleman of today. I do believe you exist. Thank you for continuing the tradition of refined attire in this ever-changing world. 

Lyn Tallarida Gatti,  Designer